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- Inflatable Screens

Palmetto Outdoor Entertainment Inflatable Screens are the perfect addition to your next entertainment event!  Whether you are hosting indoors or outdoors, our inflatable screens will be take your next big game watch party or movie night to an EPIC level!  Palmetto Outdoor Entertainment Inflatable Screens are large (20 feet), light weight, and are compatible with both front and rear projection.  Our setup also includes an ultra-bright projector, projector stand, DVD / HDMI capabilities, and high quality speakers. A Palmetto Outdoor Entertainment team member will handle the delivery, setup, and will provide all operating information and technical support.  Book your one of a kind entertainment event today!


20ft. Inflatable Screen

$200 for 2 hours of on-site use

/ $100 for each additional hour


- 20ft Inflatable Screen

- Ultra-Bright Projector

- Projector Stand

- DVD / HDMI capabilities

- Portable Hight-Quality Speakers

- Power Cords

- Technical Support

- Fast Delivery and Setup

 PLEASE NOTE: Generators are not included in this pricing, however are available.

An additional charge of $60 will be included for generator rentals.

Learn more about our generator rentals by clicking HERE.

Ready?  Let's do this!

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